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Spring on the Sunglasses

Hey Y’all

Since spring is here, time to bust out with the sunglasses.  As an ex Sunglass Hut employee, I have seen and dealt with all kinds of people when it came to purchasing a pair of shades. Here are my tips!

  •  1st & most important thing to look for is the shape of the sunglass and will flatter your face shape. (You don’t want a bug eyed look. Check the photo below)
  • 2nd  pick a color which will look good with your complexion and hair.  ( Don’t purchase a pair because some celebrity or friends are wearing them,  If it doesn’t go with your features, its NOT GONNA LOOK GOOD)
  • 3rd  When purchasing a pair, think of how often your going to be using the sunglasses. Regularly or Occasionally?  Why I ask? Because if you’re going to be using them regularly, make sure you check
  1. Are they light enough to wear for a longer time period?
  2. Do they leave creases on the nose?
  3.  If you’re going to be using them while you’re driving, make sure you can see your blind spot. (You don’t want to get into an accident)

*** Remember overtime, sunglasses/glasses whether it’s a plastic or metal frame do tend to stretch out and fall off of your nose. Take it to the nearest shop and get it fixed, shouldn’t take more then 5-1o mins.



Here’s the scoop on finding the best sunglasses for your face shape.

face shapes


A square face shape is proportional in length and width, with defined jaw, square chin and a broad forehead.

What will look good?

Any kind of round glasses, they’ll highlight your best features.


A round face shape is an equal length and width defined by soft curves with few angles.

What will look good?

Angular frames will help add more definition.


A triangle face shape is a narrow forehead & eye line and the face widens at the cheeks and the chin.

What will look good?

Semi rimless frames that will accentuate your upper face or top heavy styles which will balance out your stronger jaw line.


An oblong face shape is longer than it’s width, longer nose, high cheekbones and tall forehead.

What will look good?

Decorative temples will add width to your face, while taller frame/rim will make your face look shorter.


An oval face shape is balanced proportions, narrow forehead & jaw line and chin which is slightly narrower than the forehead, Typically has high cheekbones.

What will look good?

Most Frames will work with this shape; Rectangle and abstract pairs will add angles to the curves.


A diamond face shape is small forehead and chin with narrowed jaw and eye lines. Has an angular feature w/ defined cheekbones.

What will look good?

Top Heavy or Rimless will work well, and define the cheekbones.


A heart face shape is a wide forehead, narrow jaw line, high cheekbones and narrow chin.

What will look good?

Cat eyed shaped sunglasses will accentuate your face shape.

Know what’s written inside the temples.


A lot of people tend to make spur-of-the-moment decisions. Later on they find those pair of sunglasses laying around some where, thinking WTH WAS I THINKING?  Giving some thought when shopping for sunglasses you can find your perfect pair.


Hope this article helps!

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