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 Do Suits Make Men Instantly More Attractive?

OF COURSE, if you’re wearing it right.

SUITS_HarveyMikeWith a show named Suits, costume designer Jolie Andreatta has to be on top of her game to keep wardrobe department filled with high end suits. Not only does she dresses the main leads but also has to keep more than 100 suits in stock for the show’s extras. Perfectly tailored clothing is the key element for this show.

“Suits are like medieval suits of armor. They tell us who the person is, what kind of background they come from, what kind of status they have,” Andreatta tells.

Which brand does the lead characters favor?

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is loyal to Tom Ford while Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is more into Burberry.


3 Best Dressed Men at the 71st Golden Globes were:

Bradley Cooper left in Tom Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio in Giorgio Armani middle and Chris Pine in Ermenegildo Zegna right

5 ways to wear a suit  ( Valentino, Fall 2014)

5  ways to tell if your suit fits you perfectly

  1. Shoulder pads should sit directly on top the shoulder.
  2. Your flat hand should slip easily into your suit under the lapels when the top (or middle) button is fastened. If you put a fist in, the suit should pull at the button.
  3. The top button of a two-button suit or the middle button of a three-button suit, should not fall below your navel.
  4. Jacket Sleeves should end where the thumb meets the wrist;
    1. Cuffs need to be visible between a quarter or a half inch
  5. Pants should have a modest break and touch the shoe with only an inch of cloth to spare.


These are not jeans or khaki’s; please HEM your pants enough to were it’s not sagging too much. You’ll look more polished. Remember when your suited up, people tend to check you out from top to bottom.

Don’t SKIMP & INVEST in a good quality wool suit and it’ll last you many years.  Remember boys you can always tailor the suits to your needs.

Look Sharp, Look Attractive, Look Smart

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