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Know Your Skin Type

Hey Guys,

Why am I writing about male skincare? Well, there’s so much information about female’s skincare every where I wanted to share male’s as well. In this day and age, guys should be aware of their skin as well.

There are 3 main different skin types which  need different products. Once you know your skin type you can determine which products will work best for your needs.

3 Skin typesDry skin is tight skin with rough, uneven texture and show visible flaking or signs of chapping. Pores are generally small and you rarely struggle with breakouts or blackheads.

Oily skin characterized by a layer of oil that can be associated with larger pores. Typically has acne break
outs along with enlarged, often clogged pores. Skin feels and looks greasy during the day, even when you’re not active or perspiring.

Combination skin is most common. Your skin will have both oily and dry areas, with the oily areas being in the center of your face “T-Zone”. Cheeks typically look and feel normal or they may be slightly to very dry. The eye area typically is drier than the rest of your face.


  • Less is more, you don’t need to use huge amounts of moisturizer and products, just a pea-size amount daily is more than enough.
  •  If you use a moisturizer which comes in a pot rather than a pump make sure your hands are super clean, to prevent putting any bacteria into your cream, as this can then lead to spots.
  • Change your skincare seasonally; Use the heavier formulas during the winter months when your skin becomes drier, oil-free lighter moisturizer during the summer time.
  • Remember that your skincare needs will change as you age and on your environment. The moisturizer you used in your twenties probably won’t be right for your skin in your forties. If you live in a busy city, your skin is more prone to pollutants and you may need a more intensive cleanser.

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