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Hey ladies!

In today’s Her Accessories post, I wanted to share with you the recent hair accessories trend – the Hair Chain Headpieces.

The extravagant designs of the headpieces have been dated back to the medieval and archaic period in South East Asia. Originally Hair Chain Headpieces or Maang Tikka  has been an integral part of an Indian bride’s jewelry for centuries. The age old bridal accessory enhances the overall look of the bride and gives her an ornate and glamorous look which sets her apart from the rest. Although, the Maang Tikka is commonly worn by brides, nowadays it’s also worn by women of all ages for any occasion.


Inspired by Maang Tikka, designers such as Alexander McQueen & Karl Lagerfeld have used these statement pieces on the Fall runway shows.


Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens have been seen out and bout with these chic headpieces on. I feel this exotic accessory gets you feel more feminine. I love how you can incorporate it with your ordinary clothes and its wearable for any occasion.


There’s wide range of prices & styles available everywhere. Be creative and the possibility of wearing the head pieces are endless. Here’s some of the places where you can get them.


Keep a simple look when you have a hair chain headpieces on, it’ll make your whole look seem effortless and beautiful!

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